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Megaman Next - The Game Megaman Next - The Game

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

it sucked

The graphics were gay...the sound was so annoying...It was way too hard...and it really really sucked ass...

maelstormm responds:

..... Oh, you were talking to me, sorry I was reading legit reviews, this crybaby shit must've slipped my eye.

You see, under normal circumstances your review may have been legit. However after I saw that you gave this game a "1" for interactivity, and gave non-interactive movies you review "10"s for this I realized you are retarded and can't read. That being the case, everything you said loses interest because I know you aren't very smart. I could be wrong though. If your computer sucks ass and didn't load the game, I'd think it'd suck at first too before realizing my computer was the problem. Or maybe it was so hard you couldn't get past the "click here" in the beginning since it was to difficult to figure out and you never made it to the stage select. In which case I totally agree, it would suck some biiiiig goat ass. But that's not really my fault you're incompetent. In the future don't waste my time/space until you learn how to do this shit right, moron.